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               DEWAN BUNGA RAYA, INASIS MAS, UUM - This program was held on 14 November 2016 in conjunction with the convocation festival and the program recommended by the committee and the Bureau of Arts and Culture Inasis Malaysia Airlines.

               Group Makeup Class 1.0 is the first time the program was organized by the committee of Inasis MAS which focus on student learning makeup

techniques that correct and current. The program can also serve as an inspiration to students to venture into business and can become entrepreneurs in the field of beauty. The program has placed a special theme for the guests in attendance and this year the theme is "Pink & White" is taken to address polite and confident. The concept and idea of ​​this program will always change with creativity and still use event management standard that has been set.

               The program was inaugurated by Ms. Nur Imani Bt Mohd Shukeri, Assistant Principal INASIS Malaysia Airlines UUM. Total of 20 participants from students INASIS MAS and others have joined the program. An experienced makeup artist was invited to provide guidance and counseling to students, Ms. Sofiatun Najariah binti Mohd Zuki. She learned all the techniques of makeup in Indonesia and with the knowledge that he learned, he was willing to help UUM students to provide tutoring to students of UUM. There are 3 winners for successfully apply the techniques they have learned for myself during the second session of the Personal Makeup Session.

                This program has helped many students in terms of the proper makeup techniques and open the minds of students that such skills can be used as one of the business areas that can be pursued for UUM students.


Program director,
Nur Nabilah Binti Jasmi

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